Clutton  Airfield

All visitors to our airstrip are extended a warm welcome, (provided prior permission received).  We have an excellent relationship with our neighbours, and wish this to continue.   Please, read this page carefully.  Help us, and you help yourself!..........Thank you.

Use of this airfield is conditional on  the following:-

1.        Permission to land must be obtained by telephoning either Bob Grantham (07802-516294) or Rex Emery (07825-071292) at some stage prior to departure.

2.        All circuits to the North.     07 LH,      25 RH.     (See Area Map)

3.        No multiple landings, (i.e. no circuits).

4.        Visiting pilots must have grass-strip experience and a minimum 100 hours P1.

5.        All aircraft movements to be recorded in movements book found on the hangar door.

6.        Please operate with minimum noise.                                                                               

 Airfield Data :-                                                                

 Position :-  N 05120.520      W 00231.36

 Runway :-  07/25    Grass.    Length: 580m      Width: 25m        Elevation 600ft AMSL.
                    Rwy07 slight downhill gradient for first 400m, hence Rwy25 slight upslope for last 400m.

 Notes :-     Terrain rises rapidly immediately before Rwy07 threshold, hence 07 has no undershoot area and 25 has no over-run area.

                    Rwy07 significant turbulence/downdraught often experienced immediately prior to touch-down.

                    Rwy25 threshold has tree on northern edge of runway which can require final approach to be slightly offset from the south.                   

                    Runway surface can be soft when rain soaked.